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As natural as growing hair could ever be.

Permagraft, it's hair that does everything but grow. The same properties evident in natural growing hair are also found in Permagraft. A naturally contoured hairline that begins with irregularly spaced hair increasing in density as the hairline progresses. Visible scalp beneath the hair, from the hairline to the crown. A flow and bounce to the hair that allows it to lie naturally even when it's messed. The capability of the hair to turn and toss in wind, rain and water. Multiple directional movement of the hair for unlimited styling options. Real hair doesn't grow flat; it grows up. So does Permagraft. Permagraft's utterly natural appearance begins with 100% human hair. But what truely sets Permagraft apart is how the hair is implanted. The special technique utilized allows the shaft to emanate from the dermal membrane on a vertical bias. Which gives it the natural movement and bounce found in naturally growing hair. And finally, there's the quality of the hair itself: soft, malleable and resilient. All of these factors enable the new Permagraft hair to blend in perfectly with your own growing hair. Because for all practical purposes, Permagraft hair is the same as growing hair. Which means that Permagraft isn't a hair replacement but a hair restorative. And you just can't do better than that.

Can you get your hair back?
The answer is: YES! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

What will it cost?
The answer is: $349 with a Premier Membership.

How do you get started?
The answer is: Give us a call today for more details.

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